Total Lawn Care can tailor a fertilizer program specifically for your lawn.
Lawns can vary greatly depending upon a wide range of factors. In Wisconsin, we have unique weather patterns and soil conditions that affect the growth, health and appearance of your lawn.

A uniform approach to lawn care will not deliver the same results to each property. That's why our professional technicians properly examine and assess your lawn and it's unique requirements. Only then can we accurately design and implement an appropriate treatment schedule for your lawn.

Here's a typical fertilizer program for a Wisconsin lawn:

Early Spring Application
Crabgrass pre-emergent with a turf building fertilizer to replenish nutrients from winter stress.

Late Spring Application
Broadleaf weed control with a turf building fertilizer to help control emerging weeds as well as provide nutrients to insure a healthy and vigorous lawn.

Early Summer Application
Slow release granular turf builder will be applied to help enhance a deep green color, help control annual weeds, and make the lawn more tolerant to heat stress.

Summer Application
Slow release granular turf builder will be applied to maintain thickness and a deep color.

Early Fall Application
Broadleaf weed control with a blend of nutrients to help strengthen the turf's root structure after a long summer.

Late Fall Application
Winterizing fertilizer designed to stimulate root development and provide an early spring greenup.

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